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Message from The President

Yoshiaki Terumichi, President

By close application and striving in our varied milieu, let us create a power base that will enhance our pursuit of wisdom.
Yoshiaki Terumichi, President

A spirit of international affluence and an ambience of academic plurality, with all faculties located in a single campus positioned in the heart of the nation’s capital! These indeed are the factors that go to create the global campus of Sophia University. Overseas students hailing from nations around the globe and seeking a method of learning such as this, gather within our campus. Here their mutual concern is deepened, and their amity, trust, and academic skills are nurtured along with those of their Japanese peers, in a structure that transcends language, culture, and religious belief. Upon their graduation they serve as bridge-builders, seeking to establish links between their own nations and Japan, in an international setting.

A venue where all faculties converge together within a single campus will facilitate the formation of a base, for the survey, scrutiny, and solution of issues pertaining to our global society. Currently, we can never hope to solve the bulk of the issues facing our society, by utilizing a single academic approach. A mode of approach that assures us of success can only be kneaded out when people with a multiplicity of backgrounds probe the issues concerned, in spirit of mutual accord. In order that the power required to create such a base be nurtured within you during your university days, it is vital that phenomena we are unable to grasp now by adopting a one-sided approach be viewed via a variety of angles, and debated from a plurality of positions. This will enable you to come across new concepts. The high level of freedom our university offers students in relation to course registration, permits them to pursue deeply issues of interest from an inter-disciplinary angle, and it enables also the honing of their expertise.

Beginning from the academic year 2019 Sophia University opted to adopt a semester/quarter system, wherein a year has four divisions. Hence, programs to study abroad, internships, and exciting prospects for volunteers, have increased. Being in touch with the pulsating pace of the world while engaged in study, will prove a forceful impetus towards the realization of your dreams and convictions. What’s more, on considering the courses offered by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and those offered in English by the Faculty of Science and Technology, we see that by 2020 we shall ultimately have six departments, where students can obtain degrees by only taking courses taught in English. This will also serve in drawing to Sophia students of multiple backgrounds.

By shoring up your expertise and cosmopolitan culture you need to debate issues in a setting of plurality, and likewise by moving to places such as nations abroad, you need to create in others a perception of the crises to come, using knowhow you have gained thus far. This sort of learning cycle will guide you to the role you need to play in your own society. In our aura of social change, both people and institutions are in situations of learning. If Sophia be the place to create that inflexible power base, we indeed look forward to your arrival here.

President of Sophia University
Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
Yoshiaki Terumichi

Born in 1962, Professor Terumichi graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University in 1985, and went on to receive a doctorate from Keio University’s
Graduate School of Science and Technology in 1994. In 2004,
Professor Terumichi became a full professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Sophia University, also serving in numerous administrative and leadership roles, including Director of Center for Student Affairs in 2005, Director of Admissions Office in 2010, Vice President for Academic Affairs from 2011, Executive Director for Global Academic Affairs in 2014, Director of Human Resources Center for International Cooperation in 2015. In 2017,
Professor Terumichi became the President of Sophia University.

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