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Message from The President

Yoshiaki Terumichi, President

Yoshiaki Terumichi, President

What will become of our chaotic world? How will we survive? To tackle such unanswerable questions requires certain thinking processes. Sophia University’s specialized education is a place for such training. Specialized education does not mean storing up knowledge, but training to understand and use the thinking processes that have been cultivated in various fields.

There is a universality which goes beyond individual subject matters in the training for such abilities to think and which broadens one’s vision. When your vision expands, naturally your interests and concerns will change their focus. Sophia offers programs to address such a change. Although you may imagine the introductory liberal arts courses of your freshman and sophomore years to be outside your fields of specialization, that is not the case. Students are able to take a variety of courses from entry to advanced levels throughout their four years, including not only in-class lectures, but also active learning programs enabling students to address world issues through hands-on experiences. Students with different interests, such as Humanities, Social Sciences, or Science and Technology, together with international students from all over the world, think and learn together on shared topics.

Of course, it may not be easy to refine your thinking abilities in the core study of your specialized field, learn the methods of related disciplines, and acquire language skills to communicate with the rest of the world. Whatever learning environment is offered to you, it still depends on the aspirations of each individual. Your aspirations do not have to remain rigidly fixed. As your thinking processes develop, naturally your aspirations may change. But those aspirations will be your greatest source of strength. Sophia is not a mammoth university. But it will continue to strive to respond to the great aspirations of each and every student.

The President of Sophia University
Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
Yoshiaki Terumichi

Born in 1962, Professor Terumichi graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University in 1985, and went on to receive a doctorate from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Keio University’s Graduate School of Science and Engineering. In 2004, Professor Terumichi became a full professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Sophia University, also serving in numerous administrative and leadership roles, including Director of the Student Center in 2005, Director of Admissions in 2010, Vice President for Academic Affairs from 2011, Assistant Director for the Promotion of Global Studies in 2014, Director of the Human Resources Center for International Cooperation. In 2017, Professor Terumichi became the President of Sophia University.

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