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Message from The President

Yoshiaki Terumichi, President

Yoshiaki Terumichi, President

Although with a certain level of chaos the force of globalization is bringing about a new era to the world community. At the same time, as social reforms are progressing, unfamiliar corporate structures or new working styles have been introduced. To lead your very own lives in such a social condition, I am with hopes that all you hold solid principles and convictions as well as spiritual capacity to always understand others and to contribute.

At Sophia University, with the educational spirit of “ for others, with others” we are aiming to promote students with flexible mind who can correspond to social reforms with complexities due to globalization and digitalization. All of our departments are concentrated in one campus with diverse student and faculty body not only contributing to a multinational, multicultural and multi religious environment but interdisciplinary academic discussions. Created an environment of not only cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity but also an environment for debate with scientific diversity. Also, using the university’s global student network, we provide opportunities to participate in a diverse global society depending on the preferences of the individual. Sophia University has a unique and fascinating learning environment in which you will be placed in an environment that is out of the ordinary, an environment that will enable you to find yourself by exchanging opinions with others, where you can take on different ways of thinking, furnishing you with new viewpoints and concepts.

While being based on specialist education in each department and subject, or education in the liberal arts, a wealth of programs have been developed for each field and level that promotes various challenges with a focus on the real world and the ability to flexibly adapt to social reforms. Furthermore, one of the unique challenges that Sophia University has taken on is the creation of an environment that enables students to refine their ethics, values, and beliefs, above all, in the next-generation society. What we expect from every student is a strong desire that is backed up by strong convictions.

President of Sophia University
Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
Yoshiaki Terumichi

Born in 1962, Professor Terumichi graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University in 1985, and went on to receive a doctorate from Keio University’s
Graduate School of Science and Technology in 1994. In 2004,
Professor Terumichi became a full professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Sophia University, also serving in numerous administrative and leadership roles, including Director of Center for Student Affairs in 2005, Director of Admissions Office in 2010, Vice President for Academic Affairs from 2011, Executive Director for Global Academic Affairs in 2014, Director of Human Resources Center for International Cooperation in 2015. In 2017,
Professor Terumichi became the President of Sophia University.

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