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Message from The President

Yoshiaki Terumichi, President

A Globally Respected University that Fosters the Foundation of True Wisdom and Learning
Yoshiaki Terumichi, President

Our society continues to search for answers as the waves of globalization and digitalization pervade every area of our existence. Right now, there are many questions we cannot answer. Where are we headed? How is human society about to succeed or fail? For instance, the world has become aware that environmental issues must be considered on a global scale, but the problems the world needs to deal with in that sphere are changing all the time. While AI is expected to contribute considerably to the formation of a new society, it fills us with both hope and anxiety. We are potentially facing the most difficult questions of all time. Will humans continue to form the heart of our society? Can we exist in harmony with the global environment?

Sophia University strives to foster a richly diverse learning environment for students and faculty from all over the world, to provide advanced foreign language training, and to offer our own unique brand of human education. Sophia University received the highest S ranking in the interim evaluation for the Japanese government’s Top Global University Project, and, as a university that seeks to drive globalization, we have created an unparalleled global campus. In addition, by housing all faculties on the one campus, we ensure academic diversity and nurture multifaceted debate on complex global issues.

In today’s era, the biggest issue we face is how to properly guide this data-driven society that is rapidly developing along with globalization. Individual and social activities worldwide are being translated into digital data, and AI is starting to indicate the potential direction of politics, economics, welfare, and science, among others. Rather than relying on AI, we need to foster social ethics in our international society based on answers to the fundamental question of how humans should live and act. We see this as an age when the true value of Sophia’s education is being tested.

To hone the knowledge that our society now requires, we will be launching a new University-wide fundamental education program. Drawing on our traditional prowess in human education, the program will enable students to refine their logical thought and development skills, engage in repeated practical experience to acquire universal education and the ability to apply that learning, and gain the knowledge to survey our present and near-future society. It is a curriculum for students to organically acquire human education, literacy, practical experience, development skills, and social perspective. Sophia University is perfectly positioned to provide superior undergraduate education that combines liberal arts with specialist knowledge and advanced language training, along with all the advantages of a global-campus and one-campus university architecture.

Sophia University strives to be a globally respected university by offering education that helps form a solid basis from which to continue to learn within society, utilize experiences, and develop rich humanity, while carving out a new and correct social direction.

President of Sophia University
Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
Yoshiaki Terumichi

Born in 1962, Professor Terumichi graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University in 1985, and went on to receive a doctorate from Keio University’s
Graduate School of Science and Technology in 1994. In 2004,
Professor Terumichi became a full professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Sophia University, also serving in numerous administrative and leadership roles, including Director of Center for Student Affairs in 2005, Director of Admissions Office in 2010, Vice President for Academic Affairs from 2011, Executive Director for Global Academic Affairs in 2014, Director of Human Resources Center for International Cooperation in 2015. In 2017,
Professor Terumichi became the President of Sophia University.

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