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Message from The Chancellor

The Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation, Toshiaki Koso

The Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation, Toshiaki Koso
The Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation, Toshiaki Koso

What does a university mean to you? Perhaps you think that it means enjoying freedom and that it is a p lace to obtain skills and knowledge to adapt to society. T hen what does adapting to the social world mean to you?
The current Pope, Francis, a J esuit, has sent a m essage to young people around the world to“ have the courage to swim against the current.” T his current of which he writes tells people that in the uncertainties of our world, rather than taking time to achieve something or to pursue a u niversal good, it is enough to just spend the moment looking out for oneself, one’s own advantages and pleasures.

Many problems such as military conflicts, increasing economic inequalities, discrimination, and environmental destruction arise from the indifference brought on by this current. So does adapting to society mean to be swept away by this current? Our society today needs people who raise doubts about such a c urrent and create another one.Doing this means not just wanting to act but having the intellectual abilities and skills necessary for achievements in many social fields. This outlook must include regard for others and giving importance to communicating with others.
Inheriting the Jesuit educational ideal of“ Men and Women for Others, with Others,” Sophia University continues its mission of sending forth people who are aware of the reality around them, and who can imagine and envision a b etter world. I h ope that I m ay enjoy meeting all of you as sharers and pursuers of this ideal on the Yotsuya campus.

The Chancellor of the Sophia School Corporation
Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences
Toshiaki Koso

Professor Toshiaki Koso was born in Hiroshima in 1947, and graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at Sophia University with a B.A. in philosophy in 1971. Later he completed the doctoral program in Education in 1976, served as a professor in the Department of Education in the Faculty of Humanities( 1991-2004), and since 2005 in the Faculty of Human Sciences. He became Dean of the Faculty of Humanities( 1993-1996), a trustee of the Sophia School Corporation from 1996, and Chancellor of the Sophia School Corporation from 1999 to the present.