Sophia University

About 1993~


Keiji Otani (11th President, 1993~1999)

・Department of Legal Studies of the Global Environment added to Faculty of Law.

・Sophia University Press founded.

Keiji Otani
Keiji Otani
William Currie, S.J. (12th President, 1999~2005)

・Juris Doctor Program (Law School) established.

William Currie, S.J.
William Currie, S.J.
Yoshiaki Ishizawa (13th President, 2005~2011)

・Departments of Education, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Services moved from Faculty of Humanities to form new Faculty of Human Sciences.
・Master's and doctoral programs in Education, Psychology, and Sociology moved from Graduate School of Humanities to form new Graduate School of Human Sciences; master's and doctoral programs in Social Services added to new graduate school.
・Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies established with master's and doctoral programs.
・New Building No.2 and Sophia Edagawa Men's Dormitory completed.

・Faculty of Comparative Culture reorganized as Faculty of Liberal Arts and moves from Ichigaya to the Yotsuya Campus.
・Master’s and doctoral programs in International Relations and in Area Studies and Master's Programs in Comparative Culture moved from Graduate School of Foreign Studies to form new Graduate School of Global Studies. Master's program in Comparative Culture renamed Master's program in Global Studies and doctoral program added (taught in English).

・Doctoral Program in Economic Systems and Organization (Graduate School of Economics) divided into Doctoral Program in Economics and Doctoral Program in Management. Master's Program in Management added.
・Building No.12 completed.

・Faculty of Science and Technology reorganizes departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry into Departments of Materials and Life Science, Engineering and Applied Science, and Information and Communication Science.
・Graduate School of Science and Technology consolidates programs in Mechanical Engineering, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry into master’s and doctoral programs in Science and Technology.

Yoshiaki Ishizawa
Yoshiaki Ishizawa
Tadashi Takizawa (14th President, 2011~2014)

・Academic legal entity Seibo Gakuen merged with Sophia School Corporation.
・Department of Nursing added to Faculty of Human Sciences. Master's Program in Nursing added to Graduate School of Human Sciences.
・Master's and Doctoral Program in Cultural Interaction added to Graduate School of Humanities.
・Osaka Satellite Campus established.

・Building No.1 completed at Mejiro Seibo Campus.
・Sophia Soshigaya International House dormitory opened.
・Bachelor's programs in Green Science and Green Engineering (taught in English) established in Faculty of Science and Engineering.
・Sophia University Luxembourg Office established.

・Celebration of 100th anniversary of founding of Sophia University.

Tadashi Takizawa
Tadashi Takizawa
Takashi Hayashita (15th President, 2014~2017)

・Faculty of Global Studies established.

・Course of Midwifery established
・Sophia Institute of International Relations (SIIR) established
・Ownership of Building No.13 acquired
・Human Resources Center for International Cooperation established
・Sophia University Cologne Office established
・Sophia University New York Office established

Takashi Hayashita
Takashi Hayashita
Yoshiaki Terumichi (16th President, 2017~)

■ Appointed to the President in April 2017