Sophia University

About 1968~1992


Mikao Moriya (6th President, 1968~1975)

・Athletic ground opened at Hadano Campus.

・Special admissions programs inaugurated for students returning from abroad and foreign students.
・Building No.8 and gymnasium completed.

・Sophia Junior College founded.

Mikao Moriya
Mikao Moriya
Joseph Pittau,S.J. (7th President, 1975~1981)

・Department of Japanese Language and Culture (classes taught in English)added to Faculty of Foreign Studies.

・Departments of Psychology and Social Services added to Faculty of Humanities.

・Department of Japanese Language and Culture renamed Department of Comparative Culture.

・Department of International Legal Studies added to Faculty of Law.
・Hoffman Hall completed.
・Enoki Women's Dormitory built (closed 2008).

■1988 (February)
Pope John Paul Ⅱvisits Sophia University.

Joseph Pittau,S.J.
Joseph Pittau,S.J.
Mutsuo Yanase,S.J. (8th President, 1981~1984)

・Building No.10 completed.

・Central Library with space for research institutes completed.

Mutsuo Yanase,S.J.
Mutsuo Yanase,S.J.
Tomosuke Hashiguchi (9th President, 1984~1987)

・Faculty office building on Ichigaya Campus completed.

Tomosuke Hashiguchi
Tomosuke Hashiguchi
Masao Tsuchida, S.J. (10th President, 1987~1993)

・Department of Comparative Culture (Faculty of Foreign Studies) becomes the independent Faculty of Comparative Culture (comprising departments of Comparative Culture and Japanese Language and Studies; classes taught in English).

・Celebration of 75 anniversary of founding of Sophia University.

・Building No.11 and Jochi Kioizaka Building completed.

Masao Tsuchida, S.J.
Masao Tsuchida, S.J.