Sophia University

About Arrival of St. Francis Xavier~1967

Arrival of St. Francis Xavier~1967

St. Francis Xavier,S.J, comes to Japan. In letters to fellow Jesuits, Xavier expresses hope to build a university in Japan. His hopes were fulfilled with the foundation of Sophia University.

The Pope Pius X asks Society of Jesus to establish higher educational institution in Japan.

Three Jesuit priests arrive in Japan to prepare for the establishment of a university.
Sophia School Corporation (Jochi Gakuin)formed.
The name Jochi is taken from the Japanese text of the Catholic prayer called The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. One of the titles given to Mary in this litany is 'Seat of Wisdom'. The Japanese word used for wisdom is Jochi.

Sophia School Corporation purchases land in Kioi-cho in central Tokyo.

Hermann Hoffmann,S.J. (1st President, 1913~1937)

・Ministry of Education approves establishment of Sophia University under Special School Law, with 3 departments: Philosophy, German Literature, and commerce.
・The school badge is designed.

・First graduation ceremony (9 students graduate).

・Student dormitory given name alysius Hall (demolished 1961).

・Sophia reorganized as full-fledged university under University Law.
・The Faculty of Humanities contains the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Humanities; the Department of Commerce is established under the Faculty of Commerce.

・The Faculty of Commerce is re-organized. It includes the Department of Economics and the Department of Commerce.

・Night-school program established with sections in Economics, Commerce, Law, and Journalism(discontinued March 1951).
・The construction of Building 1 is completed.

The school flag is designed. About this time, the school song is written.

・The Yatsugatake Lodge completed.
・First study-abroad student dispatched to Georgetown University (U.S.A.).

Hermann Hoffmann,S.J.
Hermann Hoffmann,S.J.
Hermann Heuvers, S.J. (2nd President, 1937~1940)

・The Kulturheim is opened for public lectures and discussion meetings. In these, explanations about European history and cultural developments were provided. After the war, these activities were continued in the programs of public lectures administered by the university.
・Sophia University Alumni Association officially established.

Hermann Heuvers, S.J.
Hermann Heuvers, S.J.
Yachita Tsuchihashi, S.J. (3rd President, 1940~1946)

・The Department of History was added to the Faculty of Literature.

Yachita Tsuchihashi, S.J.
Yachita Tsuchihashi, S.J.
Naojiro Murakami (4th President, 1946~1953)

・Public lecture series begun; these are the predecessors of the programs of the Center for Extension Programs. 
・University festival held (forerunner of Sophia Festival).

Sophia University begins operation under provisions of post war School Education Law with 2 faculties:Humanities(departments of Philosophy, History, English Literature, German Literature, and Journalism) and Economics (departments of Economics and Commerce).

・International Division founded. Courses are offered in the evening directed at English-speaking students, mostly non-Japanese. (Forerunner of present Faculty of Liberal Arts)

・Sanada Moat Athletic Ground opened.
・Student Body Association formed.

・Sophia School Corporation changes status from corporation(zaidan hojin) to academic legal entity(Gakko hojin) according to provisions of Private School Law.
・Graduate programs at the Master's level are started.

・Department of Education added to Faculty of Humanities.

Naojiro Murakami
Naojiro Murakami
Takashi Oizumi, S.J. (5th President, 1953~1968)

・Department of Foreign Languages (English, German, French, and Spanish) added to Faculty of Humanities.
・Graduate programs at the doctoral level begins.

・Sophia House (Jochi Kaikan) completed (demolished 2006).

・Faculty of Law established with Department of Law.
・First female students(4 transfer students)admitted.

・Department of Foreign Languages becomes Faculty of Foreign Studies (with departments of English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian).
・Faculty of Theology established (with Department of Theology).

・Department of Japanese Literature added to Faculty of Humanities.

・Construction is completed for the Faculty of Theology building at the Kamishakujii Campus.

・Meisen Women's Dormitory opened (closed 2001).

・Faculty of Science and Technology established (with departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry).

・Sophia University celebrates 50th anniversary.
・Hodaigi Lodge built in Gunnma prefecture.

・Department of Portuguese added to Faculty of Foreign Studies.

・Department of French Literature and Department of Sociology added to Faculty of Humanities.
・An admission system to accept first-year students by recommendation is established.
・Television Center opened.
・First orientation camp held for incoming freshmen.

・An Office for Electronic Computing Machines is opened. This is now called the Media Center. Large-scale computers are installed on the campus.

Takashi Oizumi,S.J.
Takashi Oizumi,S.J.