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About Scheduling consultations regarding harassment

Scheduling consultations regarding harassment

Scheduling consultations regarding harassment

If you wish to meet a Harassment Consultant, please schedule a meeting with the Consultant of your choice in the way that you are most comfortable with.

Appointments for harassment-related consultations can be made through the office, or directly with the Consultant. If you should have any questions about the procedures to be taken from consultations to resolution, or which Consultant you should contact, please do not hesitate to ask at the Consulting Office.

Consulting Offices


Office hours


Center for Academic Affairs

1st floor, Building 2



Center for Student Affairs

1st floor, Building 2


Health Center * If you wish to seek advice from psychiatrist, please make sure an appointment at the Health Center in advance.

2nd floor, Hoffmann Hall, Building 11


Office of Personnel Services Welfare Facilities

5th floor, Building 13


Center for Extension Programs

1st floor, Building 1

Please refer to the center’s office hours on the HP.


Office of Sophia University Junior College Division 

1st floor, Building 3(Hadano Campus)

9:30-16:30 (Break between 11:30-12:30)


Office of Sophia School of Social Welfare 

2nd floor, Building 13

Term of classes13:00-20:00Other than the above9:30-16:30 (Break between 11:30-12:30)


Office of Mejiro Seibo Campus

1st floor, Building 1

9:30-16:30 (Break between 11:30-12:30)



Requesting a consultation or making inquiries online

The following links are inquiry and consultation forms exclusively for harassment cases. Other inquiries should be made via the [Contact] button at the bottom of the page.● Consultation Request Form for students

  • All those concerned in solving the cases shall protect the privacy of the persons involved and keep all matters in strict confidence.
  • The complainant and all those concerned shall not be put at a disadvantage for reporting harassment and cooperating in the investigation of harassment.
  • False reports and testimony relating in any way to harassment shall be prohibited. Anyone making a false report or giving false testimony shall be punished.
  • To seek consultation, you may visit the consulting offices or personally contact the Consultant by calling in advance for an appointment. You may choose the Consultant you wish to see and arrange for a most preferable form of consultation.
  • At the consulting office you will be informed of all procedures and given advice as to which Consultant to talk with. If you have already made up your mind which Consultant you wish to see, you may ask the office to arrange an appointment with the Consultant. You will be notified of the appointment date within three days (not including Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and days on which offices are closed).
  • Besides the Consultants, if you wish to see a psychiatrist, please make an appointment at the Health Center in advance.
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, do not visit the consulting office but contact a Consultant personally.
  • If the complainant wishes to talk with a Consultant of the opposite sex, or if the complainant consults on three or more occasions on one case of harassment, two Consultants will be appointed to address the case.
  • The Consultant will help to find a solution for the case by interviewing the complainant.
  • If the problem cannot be resolved by consultation, a request can be made to the Complaint Committee to arrange a discussion between the complainant and the accused or a complaint can be filed to the Prevention Committee.
  • When a complaint is filed, a fair investigation will be conducted to confirm the facts.
  • Once the facts are confirmed, appropriate measures will be taken to assist the victim and punish the harasser.
  • Should there be any annoying behavior by the complainant against the Consultant, the Consultant may refuse to undertake or cease to provide the service.