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Consulting (how to seek advice)


Consulting Offices

Any person seeking advice on incidents of harassment should contact a Harassment Consultant personally or visit a consulting office listed below. If the complainant wishes to remain anonymous, he/she should contact the Consultant personally.

The consulting office will give information on all procedures and advice as to which Consultant to address. Application for consultation or inquiries may be made at the offices, by phone or online forms available on the official University website. The actual consultation cannot take place at these offices, as it requires a room where the privacy of the complainant can be protected.

A third person whose advice is sought by the complainant or who knows the details of the incident of harassment may also apply for consultation.

From the filing of a complaint until assistance to the victim is provided, all information related to consultation will be kept in strict confidence, and the privacy of the complainant will be protected.

Request for consultation will be accepted at the following offices:

(1) Sophia University (Yotsuya campus)

Center for Academic Affairs, Bureau of Academic Affairs;

Center for Student Affairs, Bureau of Student Affairs;

Health Center, Bureau of Student Affairs;

Office of Personnel Services and Welfare Facilities, Bureau of Personnel Affairs

(2) Sophia Junior College-Office of Sophia Junior College

(3) Sophia School of Social Welfare-Office of Sophia School of Social Welfare

Harassment Consultants

At the request of the complainant, the consulting office will make an appointment with a Harassment Consultant (hereafter referred to as Consultant) and the appointment date will be notified to the complainant within three days (not including Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and days on which offices are closed). The complainant may contact a Consultant personally.

The Consultants have all taken training courses and consist of the following people:

Faculty or staff members of Sophia School Corporation and Sophia University

Five (5) persons
Faculty or staff member of Sophia Junior College

One (1) person
Faculty or staff member of Sophia School of Social Welfare

One (1) person
Besides the Consultants, if you wish to see a female physician or psychiatrist, please make an appointment at the Health Center in advance.