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Locations of Materials and Facilities

Locations of Materials and Facilities

Library materials consist of the Undergraduate Collection, the General/Research Collection and the Reference Collection. According to each subject, they are shelved on different floors.

Floor Types of materials, Subjects Facilities
8F General / Research Books ( Philosophy , Psychology, Religion, Arts, Sports, Recreation), Oversize Books,
OECD Documentations, COE : AGLOS,
Peter Milward Collections
Christian Archives
7F General / Research Books ( European and American Literature ), Wasobon EUi
6F General / Research Books ( Linguistics, Literature in General, Japanese Literature, Asian Literature, Geography, History )  
5F General / Research Books ( Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Education, Industry, Military Science ) Photocopy services Room
4F General / Research Books ( General Works, Library and Information Science, Law, Journalism, Mass Communication )  
3F Bound Periodicals ( Humanities, Social Sciences)
Newspapers ( Back issues ),Kiyo
Typing Room
2F General / Research Books ( Natural Sciences, Technology, Engineering )
Reference Collections ( Science and Technology )
Current and Bound Periodicals ( Science and Technology )
Media Information Room
Computer Room L
Library PC for OPAC
1F Reference Collections ( Humanities, Social Sciences )
Current Periodicals
Audio-Visual Collections
Current Newspapers
Reference Desk
Circulation Counter
Audio-visual corner
Book Return Corner
Library PC for OPAC
Exhibition Area
B1F Undergraduate Collections ( Humanities, Social Sciences ) Learning Commons
Group Study Rooms
Library PC for OPAC
Typing Room
B2F Undergraduate Collections, Undergraduate Oversize Books Typing Room (not available now)


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