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[IMPORTANT] Actions to Take in the Event of Ballistic Missile Attack When “J-ALERT” Warning is Sent Out

[IMPORTANT] Actions to Take in the Event of Ballistic Missile Attack When “J-ALERT” Warning is Sent Out

September 26, 2017

To All Students, Faculty and Staff,

Sophia University

If a possibility of missile launching affecting Tokyo area emerges, Japanese Government releases a message via “J-Alert” (the system which is designed to communicate instant emergency information), along with the emergency warning sirens using public speaker. Japanese Government also uses e-mailing systems to inform an emergency situation.

“J-Alert” is announced via public speakers set up by municipal government, and also via mobile phone, radio, television in Japanese. If your phone plays the unfamiliar sirens with the message in Japanese, do not hesitate to ask a Japanese person nearby to find out what the message is about.

You may refer to the “Civil Protection Portal Site” periodically in order to get information on the way of acting in situations of armed attack:
Civil Protection Portal Site” (by Cabinet Secretariat of Japanese Government)
Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism [PDF]

In the reference above when “J-Alert” is announced, it is instructed to take the actions as follows in order to protect yourself.
If you are outdoors
・Go inside a building or go to a basement floor,
・Hide behind something, or lie down on the ground while protecting your head if there is no building nearby,
・(When a missile may land on the ground,) cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief, move away from the ground zero, and go inside an air-tight room or move toward the upwind side.
If you are indoors
・Move away from windows, and if you can find and move to a room without a window,
・(When a missile may land on the ground,) stop the air-fans and air-conditioners, close windows and seal up gaps between windows and doors wit tapes in order to seal the room you are in.

We also suggest if you are on campus
・Stay in the classroom, and move away from the windows.
・If you are outside go into the nearest building quickly.

Other information:
・A special measure such as cancelling lectures, making up examinations, and so on, may be taken when it is judged that we cannot take lectures and examinations in safety.
・Such information will be announced via the university’s website, the LOYOLA system, and SNS (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


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