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Professor Yoshiaki Ishizawa Attending the Award Ceremony of Ramon Magsaysay Award 2017

Award Ceremony held in Philippine on Aug 31

Award Ceremony

Professor Yoshiaki Ishizawa, Director of Sophia Asia Center for Research attended the award ceremony of Ramon Magsaysay Award on Aug 31. The award was created to commemorate President Ramon Magsaysay of Philippine to award individuals and organizations annually making remarkable contributions in Asian regions. This year aside from Professor Ishizawa four individuals and one organization were awarded.
At the ceremony on 31st, Professor Ishizawa’s long time contribution and Professor Ishizawa’s belief behind was introduced by award trustee; “Ankor Wat restoration shall done for Cambodia by its own people” nurturing human resources and specialists of Cambodia to conserve the heritage site resulting Cambodian people to regain the pride for their own cultural heritage. Professor Ishizawa was also recognized for widely transmitting to the world the value of preserving cultural heritages.

Speech by Professor Ishizawa

In expressing his deep gratitude for the award Professor Ishizawa stated in his speech that “Cultural heritages such as Angkor Wat are world treasures and respects must be paid to their creators. As for Angkor Wat it is Cambodian people and it is my biggest pleasure to restore the site with the people of origin and to preserve it for the future. The award means also Sophia Mission in Cambodia to be valued. I truly appreciate the support and understandings have been given by the university”.
Before the ceremony on 30th Professor Ishizawa’s lecture was given at National Museum of Philippine for the local university students. Active discussion took place including many questions presented by students including the reason for valuing local wisdoms instead of the latest technologies for the restoration.


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