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10th Global Leadership Program with Five Jesuit Universities in East Asia

Students from Five Jesuit Universities in East Asia Gathered

From five universities 30 members attended

10th Global Leadership Program (GLP) was held with five Jesuit universities in East Asia from Aug 7 to 11 at Yotsuya Campus. 30 members attended including students and faculty members.
GLP started in 2008 initiated by Sophia University,selected students from five Jesuit universities in Asia, Sogang University in Korea, Fu Jen University in Taiwan, Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, Sanata Dharma University in Indonesia and Sophia University in Japan, have been attending to discuss a chosen topic to study global understandings in depth. It has been 10 years since the program was established.

Group discussion

Theme of this year was "Ignatian Leadership and Urban Renewal: Leading in the City". Members discussed of issues of urbanization and elements contributing to create individual characteristic of cities with case studies. Students actively exchanged their point of views based upon the situations in their home countries.

the Shakujii Campus

Also during the program the students took time to meditate in silence upon Jesuit educational method at the chapel next to the Shkujii Campus. After each member had chance to reflect deeply regarding “leadership” everyone shared their thoughts with each other. Students also had an opportunity to experience the service learning about Jesuit education.


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