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Offering of a Joint Course designed by Sophia University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Japanese Business Federation

In Hong Kong and Tokyo, teams of mixed students from two universities will tackle the project to find solutions for global management issues

Sophia University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Japanese Business Federation (JBF) will be offering a joint course in August 2017. JBF has been engaging in promoting global human resources working together with universities in Japan and overseas however this is the first attempt to offer a joint course partnering with universities of Japan and overseas.

As the course will be held for two weeks in total, a week in Hong Kong and a week in Tokyo, students of Sophia University and CUHK will visit both campuses to complete the course. (Aug 7 to 11 on the CUHK campus, Aug 21 to 25 on the Sophia University Yotsuya campus). Under the cooperation of Nomura Holdings, Inc., a member of JBF, Nomura’s senior management will lecture their current status of its global business development as well as their future strategy at the first day of the course and an assignment will be given to students; student teams will be organized with members from both universities to tackle the assignment to prepare for the presentation on the final day. Supplementary lectures by the professors of both universities will also be given and students will have opportunities to visit Nomura Holdings Office in HK and Tokyo (talk by Nomura Holdings executives and exchanging of ideas with their young staffs will take place), as well as to participate in field works, to engage in various researches and to have group discussions.

Creating an opportunity for the students from Japan and Hong Kong to work together, this course aims to promote logical thinking to seek solutions and to improve communication skills in the culturally diverse environment. By Sophia University, CUHK and JBF partnering, the course will be able to provide multi learning experiences involving academic theories, practical business execution as well as cultural enrichment for attending students.

Since 2012 Sophia University and JBF has been partnering to create joint courses as one of the initiative to strengthen learning in order to promote globally successful human resources in business arenas who can contribute in global development of domestic corporations. Currently two joint courses are offered at Sophia University: “Issues and Challenges in Global Business” (for undergraduate year 2 -3) inviting wide variety of lectures from JBF member companies from manufacturers to hospitality related: “Frontiers of Global Business” (for undergraduate year 3-4) Students were to find solutions for the business issues presented by JBF member corporations. These courses are taught in Japanese targeting Sophia students. Sophia-CUHK-JBF joint course, starting this summer, is an advanced and applied one.

Sophia University has concluded student exchange agreement with CUHK known as one of the top university in Asia. This course was planned and designed by Professor Hisanaga Amikura of Sophia University Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics and Dr. Jenny Tian of CUHK Business School with a cooperation of JBF Department of Education/CSR (Chief: Tomoko Hasegawa) aiming to enhance the partner relation between two universities focusing on the field of business.

About Japan Business Federation

Japan Business Federation, also known as Keidanren, is a comprehensive economic organization with a membership comprised of 1,350 representative companies of Japan, 109 nationwide industrial associations and 47 regional economic organizations (as of April 1, 2017). Its mission as a comprehensive economic organization is to draw upon the vitality of corporations, individuals and local communities to support corporate activities which contribute to the self-sustaining development of the Japanese economy and improvement in the quality of life for the Japanese people.

The corse outline


Professor Hisanaga Amikura (Department of Management, Faculty of Economics at Sophia University)

Dr.Jenny Tian (Business School at The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Ms.Tomoko Hasegawa (Japan Business Federation, Education・CSR Chief)

Time Period: Aug 7 ~11 @CUHK (Hong Kong) Aug 21~25 @Sophia University (Yotsuya Campus)
Cooperation: Nomura Holdings, Inc.
Language: English
Number of Students : Total 12 students, 6 from Sophia University (2 senior and 4 junior) and 6 from CUHK


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