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Report on Fundraising for “Disaster Relief Northern Kyushu Localize Heavy Rain”

We would like to report on the fundraising activity for “Disaster Relief Northern Kyushu Localized Heavy Rain” took place from July 19 to 21 with our deepest gratitude.

80614yen was raised with 40 students participated in fundraising on Main Street for 3 days and fundraising boxes placed at Catholic Center and Volunteer Bureau.
Also on July 20, Sophia University Future Center opened Charity Café raising 59377yen and additional 500000yen was raised from the advertisement placed on the trays at No.2 BLDG Cafeteria promoted by a student group “CrossArts”. At last the total of 639991 yen was donated to people at the disaster area through Japan Red Cross.

Thank you for your support.


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