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Starting of New Investment in “Global Green Bond Fund” as Asset Management

Funding projects for positive environment and climate solution

Sophia School Corporation ,which includes Sophia University as under its management, has started a new financial investment since July 17 , 2017.

Green bonds are created to bring positive solutions for environment and climate changes to fund the projects ranging from clean energy, energy efficiency to greenhouse gas emission reduction as well as forest reproduction. Green Bond market has been rapidly growing in recent years making positive impacts on our society.

Sophia School Corporation has been making diversified investments and effectively applied the returns in use for promoting scholarships as well as to improve our educational research activities. Especially we are keen to make investment in ESG (environmental, social and governance) market; as for foreign bonds we invest in microfinance and as for global stocks we select investments focusing to contribute to social and environmental issues including climate changes. In our investments we have always seek for both social and financial returns as our current decision to invest in Green Bond Fund. As we start to invest in Green Bond Fund, 20 % of our assets are managed by ESG related investments. As an educational research institution to be responsible of our own assets, we would like to continue making social contributions with our finance.

Main issuer:European Investment Bank, KfW Development Bank, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Finance Corporation, Bank of China, Korea Development Bank, National Australia Bank

Background on our asset management:
We joined UN Global Compact (UNGC) committing to implement universal sustainability as of May 20, 2015. As our responsibility and mission for environment is stated as one of principles for UNGC, we put a principle in a practice with our asset management; we have signed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) On Nov 1, 2015. We believe our decision to invest in Green Bond confirm our solid commitment for PRI and enable us to further support UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from financial aspect.


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