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Professor Yoshiaki Ishizawa receives Ramon Magsaysay Award 2017

Award Ceremony planned on Aug 31 in Manila Philippine

Professor Ishizawa

Professor Yoshiaki Ishizawa, Director of Sophia Asia Center for Research and Human Development received Ramon Magsaysay Award widely known as Nobel Prize of Asia. The award was created to commemorate President Ramon Magsaysay given to individuals and organizations making remarkable contributions to Asian society annually. The award ceremony is planned on August 31 in Manila.

Professor Ishizawa was selected based upon his contribution for restoration of Angkor Wat since the time of civil war based upon his solid belief “Angkor Wat restoration shall be done for Cambodia by its own people” nurturing human resources and specialists of Cambodia to conserve the heritage site resulting Cambodian people to regain the pride for their own cultural heritage. It was highly recognized that he widely transmitted the value of preserving cultural heritages as Angkor Wat as the most valuable asset of human race to international communities.

Under Sophia University’s international cooperation initiative that “the conservation and restoration of the Angkor heritage site should be carried out by Cambodians for Cambodia”, in 1996 Sophia Asia Center for Research and Human Development was established in Siem Reap in Cambodia and ever since, over 20 years, the project has been conducted nurturing Cambodian archeological specialists and stone masons. Sophia University also welcomes Cambodian students who aim to excel in the field of historical site conservation. So far 18 students graduated with degrees (7 Doctor and 11 Master) who are taking active roles in their specialized fields.

Since establishment of the award in 1958, including Mother Teresa and Dalai Lama 14th, 294 individuals and 24 organizations received the award. From Sophia University, Father Jorge Ansonare, S.J, (1994) and former Dean of Faculty of Foreign Studies and former UN high Commission for Refugees, Professor Emerita Sadako Ogata (1997) received the award.

Professor Ishizawa Profile

Specialization:History of South East Asia especially inscription of the Khmer Empire

1937 Born in Obihiro, Hokkaido (79 years old)
1961 Graduated from Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of French Studies. At L’Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etude, he studied and researched in ancient Cambodian inscription literatures
1977 Receiving Doctor degree in Literature (Chuo University)
1982 Professor of Faculty of Foreign Studies at Sophia University
2002 Director of Sophia Asia Center for Research and Human Development (~today)
2005 13th President of Sophia University(~March 2011)
2006 MEXT Member, Cultural Council Committee member. Chairman subcommittee of Cultural Asset (~2009)
2010 Head of the Japan Consortium for International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage co-managed by MOFA and MEXT(~today)
2016 Professor at Sophia University (~today)

Link: Sophia Asia Center for Research and Human Development


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