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Sophia University to confer the Degree of Honorary Doctorate upon Mr. Miles Young, the Warden of New College at University of Oxford

The Warden of New College Oxford, Mr. Miles Young

On May 15 Sophia University conferred the Degree of Honorary Doctorate to a former Chairman of Oglvy & Mather Worldwide and the Warden of New College, Oxford Mr. Miles Young in high recognition of his leading role in the emergence of integrated marketing communications and his achievements in the fields of advertisement and marketing. The ceremony took place at International Conference Hall at Yotsuya Campus. In opening address the President of Sophia University Yoshiaki Terumichi praised Mr. Young’s great achievements and contributions in fast moving globalizing society. Following the conference of Doctorate Degree, Chancellor Toshiaki Koso gave congratulatory address. He expressed his great expectation for Mr. Young leading the new era in connecting the academic field and the business world.

Confer of Honorary Doctrate

Mr. Young also gave a commemorating lecture title “Digit and Danger.” In it he first mentioned the risks and the negative affect of the current digital revolution: information overloads, increasing measurement culture and enhancement of zero sum games. He also shared his concern these factors inclining to value practicality in the educational arena; more emphasis is apparent on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education rather than Humanity or Liberal Arts in a current trend. On the other hand addressing the fact, “Social and Emotional Learning Program” earning people’s high interests in the western countries of today, he shared his strong belief in well round education instead of fragmented learnings. Also introducing academic innovations at Oxford, New College such as establishment of a new course “Digital Humanity” and fusion of seemingly distant academic disciplines for instance Science and Theater, Mr. Young ended his talk with optimistic note that he believes that the digital revolution will lead humanity to unite not divide as a result.


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