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The special lecture by Mr. Jose Graziano da Silva, Director General of FAO of the United Nations & Job Seminar

"Achieving Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture"

On May 10, the special lecture by Mr. Jose Graziano da Silva, Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations & Job Seminar “Achieving Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture” was held at Sophia Tower (No.6 BLDG) in Yotsuya Campus.

Director-General Graziano

Three hundred audiences attended mainly the Sophia and other university students with interests for the future career in the field of international cooperation. Food security and nutrition is a critical issue for many in the world, and is the core of the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" which was adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. The lecture was made possible as the top UN specialized agency in the field of food and agriculture is visiting Japan for the first time in four year.

At first Director-General Graziano mentioned the fact food production increased tremendously after FAO was established in 1945 after the WW2, now the amount exceeds more than enough to feed the entire population in the world if supplied properly. He emphasized the need for the system reform addressing the unfortunate fact that the production is not reaching where it is needed while much is being wasted elsewhere causing starvation continuing to exist.

He also introduced FAO challenges to eradicate hunger fundamentally in the problematic areas where great hungers are being caused due to conflicts, natural disaster or poverty not only by supplying food or fund for the fast relief but gradually promoting local farming or fishery for the sustainable solution. He also addressed the problem of the obesity, expressing the emerging need for dietary education especially for the young generation. Naming Japan known for its healthy population, he indicated the possibility to make positive influences by promoting "Washoku" Japanese food culture. Valuing "local production for local consumption" he also shared his ideal that the food to be more than nutritious intake rather to be taken as a culture to enrich life of people.

Job Seminar

Following Director-General Graziano wished as many Japanese students to consider career at FAO stating the fact Japan is among the top countries making contributions to FAO at the end of his speech, in the second part, at job seminar, Director of FAO Liaison Office in Japan, Mbuli Charles Boliko explained the qualification and the expertise required in order to apply for FAO.

Also, Kosuke Shiraishi, Official, Economic Security Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, shared his one year internship experience at FAO headquater in Rome. Stating his first initiative for interning at FAO was to relate his field of interest to a real outside world as a science major (microbiology) earning PhD at his university, he pointed out enhanced skills and much of self-inquiries during the time at FAO lead him to the current profession inspiring attending students.


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