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Vegetarian Menu Widely Available Now at Yotsuya Campus

Meeting needs of Sophia’s diverse community

Mapo Tofu

From April 12, vegetarian menus became available at four out of five school cafeterias. It is to meet needs of multi religious, cultural and national community of Sophia University.

As vegetarian menus had been highly in demand at Specialized Halal food cafe and Subway on Yotsuya campus, considering international students and faculty members new to the community who tends to stay most of the day on the campus as well as health conscious Sophians, we chose to enhance vegetarian menus availability. Vegetarian menus are now available at No.2 BLDG student cafeteria and Subway, No.11 BLDG Lounge, Hoffman Hall Tokyo Halal Deli and Café. The price for the menu will be between 350 and 500 yen.

Currently at Sophia University 1500 international students from 77 countries are studying as well as many faculty members and researchers from overseas are working. Being selected as one of the university as MEXT “Top Global Universities”, Sophia University aims to enrich campus life with the respect to its diversity.

Menu Samples:

  • Daily Vegetarian Lunch Box: Bibimbap, Soy-Meat in Cacciatore Tomato Sauce, Taco-rice, Mapo-Tofu etc…
  • Vegetarian Curry Rice
  • Lunch Set: Vegetarian Chinese plate, Tofu Steak and Humbeurg
  • Sandwich


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