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International Residence for Sophia Students will open in Shinanomachi, One station from Yotsuya in April 2019

"Share house" style is implemented for international student community

Sophia Corporation will open a new residence for international and domestic students at a new site, one minute away from JR Shinanomachi Station in April 2019. Following Sophia Soshigaya International House opened on April 2012, it will be another student residence to welcome both international and domestic students. The construction is planned to begin on Oct 31.

Sophia University was selected as one of universities to represent Top Global University Project by MEXT in 2014. Currently partnering with 311 universities in 62 countries and regions (as of Oct 1, 2017) Sophia University has been welcoming large number of international students as well as propelling in international exchanges.

We believe in order to cultivate global human resources it is important to increase the number of the international student residence offering diverse living environment for both international and domestic students.

Location 33-7 Shinanomachi Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo (JR One minute from Shinanomachi) *We will be leasing the property of Shinseikaikan which promote education and seminars based upon catholic teachings.
Structure RC 9 storey
Maximum capacity 182 People
Student Diversity International students- Japanese students ratio 1:1 (Planned)

Common Living Area will be Available on Each Floor

One unit consists of six to seven individual rooms (9 square meter) will be sharing dining kitchen, bathroom. Also common living area will be available on the each floor. Open ceiling space makes possible for students on the different floors to communicate. Also two rooms will be offered with the bathroom and the kitchen for students with disabilities. These rooms are also gender inclusive.

Common Space

A multipurpose room, study hall, theater space and prayer room (for any religions) will be located on the first floor and two workout spaces will be available on the ninth floor (For men and women). The roof terrace will also be available to enhance communication among students.


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