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Sophia University Starting a New Course on JMOOC "A Study of Angkor Wat: An Integrated Study of Human Beings from a New Perspective"

Sophia University starts the second course on JMOOC 

Centering on Angkor Wat, the course will seek to provide an understanding of Cambodian history, culture, religion, society, and the way of life of the local people up to the present day by looking at the findings of historical and the most up-to-date research. The course will also explore modern Cambodia by reviewing the findings of various disciplines regarding Angkor Wat. Some of the unique visual materials from Sophia University’s research post in Cambodia will be introduced during the course. All lectures will be delivered in Japanese with Japanese and English captions, allowing non-Japanese speakers to audit the course.

Sophia University have been focusing on Angkor Wat research and human resource development. Received support of official development assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ODA), Sophia University (Sophia Asia Center for Research and Human Development) and the Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap (APSARA National Authority) will be construction Angkor Wat Western Causeway repair work (second term), and the groundbreaking ceremony in Cambodia was just held on May 9.

Now, Sophia University will begin a new international cultural contribution.
Starting with Professor Yoshiaki Ishizawa who have been involving the research and restoration activities of Angkor over half a lifetime, the course will be provided by five instructors who are continuing the research in the forefront in Cambodia.

Course Overview

■Course Title: A Study of Angkor Wat: An Integrated Study of Human Beings from a New Perspective
■Lecturers: Yoshiaki ISHIZAWA, Masako MARUI, et al., Sophia University
■Course registration starts from May 17,2016
■Course starts from September 1, 2016 (Estimated)
■Course will be released at JMOOC’s Official Platforms [gacco]

JMOOC is Japanese version of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). The courses are available for anyone to study online, for free, wherever they are in the world, and a certificate of completion will be given if he or she satisfies the course requirements.

Over 90 organizations, domestic universities including Sophia University, various private companies and research institutions are affiliated with JMOOC.

JMOOC’s Official Platforms [gacco] has number of registered users more than 200,000 people, and it has attracted attention as a new education services.


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