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Announcement Regarding School Corporation Merger from Chancellor Toshiaki Koso of Sophia School Corporation

Chancellor Toshiaki Koso of Sophia School Corporation

April 1, 2016

It is my pleasure to announce renewal of Sophia School Corporation upon merging of five school corporations which are operated based upon Society of Jesus as their parent organization.

Last March Sophia School Corporation concluded the merger agreement with following four school corporations, Eiko Gakuen School Corporation (Kamakura, Kanagawa Pref), Rokko Gakuin School Corporation (Kobe, Hyogo Pref), Hiroshima Gakuin School Corporation (Hiroshima, Hiroshima Pref) and Taisei Gakuen School Corporation (Fukuoka, Fukuoka Pref) and received approval from MEXT in Oct 15 2015.

New merged corporation will be based in Chiyoda-ku Tokyo therefore other four school corporations based at other location were all dismissed. Under the board of directors “higher education committee” and “secondary education committee” were established in order for clear and speedy decision makings for the successful school operations. The board of directors will be responsible for executing the decisions made under the supervision of each committee as well as to present the important issues regarding the school operation to board meetings.

These four institutions shall not be attached Sophia University and will continue to respect their history as well as locality pursuing their original educational mottos. Also they will stay financially independent. All schools will work together under the educational philosophy of Society of Jesus aiming to deepen Jesuit education, cultivating broad networks and rearing the leaders of future generation.

As for the new corporation’s chancellor Koso Toshiaki has been selected and the directors of the each school chosen are as follow. Your continuous and generous support will always be appreciated.

For institutions of higher education:

Sophia University President Takashi Hayashita

Sophia University Junior College President Hiroshi Yamamoto

Sophia School of Social Welfare Director Sadami Takayama

Seibo Nursing School Director Sayoko Wada

For institutions of secondary education

Eiko Gakuen Middle and High School Principal Shinichi Mochizuki

Rokko Gakuin Middle and High School Principal Hajime Koizumi

Hiroshima Gakuin Middle and High School Principal Akira Miyoshi

Sophia Fukuoka Middle and High School Principal Hideo Oishi


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