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The 12th Northern Thai Universities Japanese Speech Contest

First Prize winner will receive scholarship to study at Sophia University for one year

The Winner, Sasinutcha Chameron

On Feb 25, “The Northern Thai Universities Japanese Speech Contest” was held in Changmai sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan in Changmai and the Old Japan Student’s Association Kingdom of Thailand. Sophia University supports the contest since 2010 providing the scholarship to a contest winner for one year to study at Sophia. President Takashi Hayashita as an award presenter and Professor Takafumi Shimizu of Center for Language Education and Research as a judge attended.

20 students out of 38 applicants became finalists giving 5 minutes speeches at the final. In the speech wide variety of topics such as about the family, the enthusiasm toward Japan and the social issues such as intellectual property were introduced. And in the end Ms. Pattaranon Saipad, the winner of 2015 contest shared her time at Sophia with many photos.

Group photo with the winners, judges and the guests

This year the winner was Sasinutcha Chameron 2nd year of University of Phayao Faculty of Liberal Art, Department of Japanese. The title of her speech was “Please take me home”. She presented the social issue of stray dogs in Thailand expressing her concern for the reality although being treated as a serious social issue the situation not improving. Her idea of how she could be involved was also mentioned.

She will receive scholarship to study for one year from this September at Sophia University mainly to study Japanese. A roundtrip flight ticket and the fund to support daily expenses are also provided.


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