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Two Films Produced by Sophia Students of Faculty of Humanity, Department of Journalism Receive “TVF2017Award”

Brilliant Achievement by Sophia Students

Hinako Matsumoto

Two films produced by Sophia students of Faculty of Humanity received “TVF 2017 Award” on Feburary 11 and 12 at “Tokyo Video Festival”, a civilian film competition with 35 years of history which renown film directors, Nobuhiko Obayashi and Isao Takahata serve as judges. It is the first time for Sophia students to receive the award from this competition.

“My Great Grandfather was a Civilian Army Employee” was produced by Hinako Matsumoto (2nd Year), Kozue Wada(2nd Year) and Shiho Takigami(2nd Year) from Professor Hiroaki Mizushima’s seminar. “Mather Teresa of Hiroshima – Eat as much”produced by Hinako Matsumoto, Yui Takahashi (2nd Year), Mahiro Aida(2nd Year) also received the award.

Yui Takahashi

“My Great Grandfather was a Civilian Army Employee” was a documentary film in search of the fact about Great Grandfather of Hinako Matsumoto who served as a civilian employee at the commercial shipping company. He died due to the attack during his duty on the ship during the Pacific War. While voluntary cooperation of Japan Self Defense Forces is becoming more real than ever the film focused on the life of “Civilian Army Employee” was highly evaluated.

Also the documentary film, ”Eat as Much!” features everyday life of Tadako Nakamoto 82 years old, Grandmother who invited to treat dinners to misconduct juveniles living in the poverty at her own home for more than 30 years. The film received high praises as such “The film shows the reality which had not been expressed even on the documentary TV program aired in the past.”

“Although having not much film making experiences, I am honoured for these films created with our best effort to be highly evaluated. I would like thank Ms. Nakamoto and others for sharing the story with us. Hopefully the name of Sophia University will be recognized as the maker of good documentary films in the future”, Ms. Matsumoto who was involved in making of both films commented.


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