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Sophia University chosen to receive government funding for the "Top Global University Project"

Sophia University was chosen as one of 37 universities to receive funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for internationalization effort called the "Top Global University Project." This 10-year project is intended to help Japanese universities to increase their international competitiveness. MEXT announced on September 26 that 13 universities were chosen out of 16 applicants to seek the world’s top-level education and research (type A) and 24 universities as models for leading globalization (type B) out of 93 applicants. Sophia was chosen for the type B.

Sophia's project aims to create a global campus with multilateral hub functions and to establish college governance that would support such efforts. Specifically, the following goals are set:

1) Add 30 more foreign instructors by fiscal 2023
2) Increase the ratio of overseas-educated instructors to 57 % from 47.5 % (FY 2013)
3) Increase the number of students coming from abroad to 2,940 from 1,358 (FY2013)
4) Increase the number of Sophia students going abroad (based on inter-college agreements) to 1,600 from 519 (FY2013)
5) Raise the ratio of English-conducted classes to 22.8% from 13.6% (FY2013)

To reach these targets, Sophia is planning to start language programs for foreign students before they start studying at Sophia, to expand scholarships, to increase the programs starting in the autumn semester (to six departments and three graduate schools by fiscal 2023), and to gradually shift to a quarter system.

<Sophia's Concept of Top Global University Project>

For a printable "Sophia's Concept of Top Global University Project", click here


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