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SOFEX2013 Sophia-Sogang Festival of Exchange to be held 14-16 November (updated on Nov.12)

The 4th Sophia-Sogang Festival of Exchange SOFEX 2013 will be held from November 14 till 16 at Sophia University. SOFEX is a two university event held annually by Sophia University and Sogang University that share the tradition of institutions established by the Society of Jesus. Both schools take turns every other year to provide event venues on their campuses. This year we are expecting about 140 students from Sogang to visit Sophia to participate in SOFEX 2013.

There will be a campus tour, opening ceremony, Men's basketball as the opening game of SOFEX 2013 , and welcoming dinner party scheduled to take place on the 14th. Sophia and Sogang soccer teams will compete in the tournament on the 15th. Here you can see cheer squad performances of both schools and hear their chants and yells. There will be something new for this year’s SOFEX! Why not enjoy a joint Sophia-Sogang martial arts demonstration of Shorinji Kempo, Karate, and Taekwondo.

For cultural exchange, you can’t miss a joint concert by rock bands, Sophia Soukyoku Club, and especially the music of Samul nori played by four traditional Korean musical instruments, Kkwaenggwari, Jing, Janggu and Buk. By the way, Sophia-Sogang magic show is also worth looking into!

Sports and Cultural Exchange Program

Sogang campus was the venue for SOFEX 2012

The venue, time and date for each event are as follows. Anyone interested in SOFEX is more than welcome to come and see the entire event. We are looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Date Time Event Venue
Thursday November 14 5-6pm Opening Ceremony Bldg.10 Hall
6:30-8pm Basketball No.3 Gymnasium
Friday November 15 10:30-11:30pm Magic show Kioi classroomB210
12:30-1:30pm Shorinji kempo Main Street Junction
1:30-3:30pm Soccer Sanadabori Athletic Ground
3:50-4:30pm Cheering Squad and Cheerleading No.3 Gymnasium
4:50-5:40pm Soukyoku & Samul nori Bldg. 10 Hall
5:40-6:10pm Closing Ceremony
6:25-6:55pm Dance No.3 Gymnasium
6:55-7:45pm Rock band(Sophia Folksong lovers)

Academic Exchange Program

academic exchange events by faculty members of Sophia and Sogang

During the 4th Sophia-Sogang Festival of Exchange (SOFEX2013) on 14 -15 November, a series of academic exchange events by faculty members of Sophia and Sogang will be held at Sophia University. From Sogang University, 10 faculty members will participate in the event.Most of events are open to all Sophia students. Don’t miss this precious opportunity to learn about current research situation in Korea and Japan!

Date Time Event Venue
Thursday November 14 4:30-6:30pm Workshop in East Asia
Study (for faculty only)
Room-323, Building 10
Friday November 15 1:30-5:00pm Workshop "How to inherit Christian Humanism –at a centenary celebration of Sophia University" (open to all Sophians) Special Meeting Room,
14th floor, Building 7
1:30-5:30pm Workshop "Nanotechnology Workshop" (open to all Sophians) Conference Room, 17th
floor, Building 2
3:15-4:45pm Special Lecture "Interfacing with Korean Literature" (open to all Sophians) Room-821, Library


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