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【Useful Information for Earthquake-related matters】

Dear International Students,

Concerning the ongoing developments after the Tohoku District-Off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake, students are requested to gather information from reliable sources.

Please refer to the links below for useful information in English.

For Announcements from the Japanese Government
・Countermeasures taken for the impact of the 2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake issued by the Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
・Ministry of Foreign Affairs
・Japan Meteorological Agency
・Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Information for international students
News Source
・NHK Radio News
(Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, French, Myanmar, Hindu, Indonesian, Russian, Swahili, Thai, Urdu)
On Planned Rolling Blackouts
Planned rolling blackouts (power outage) have been implemented from March 14, 2011 in the Kanto Region by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). TEPCO divided the Kanto region into five groups and each group takes turns in losing the electricity. The practice is expected to continue until the end of April.
The time of the planned rolling blackout for each group changes every day. Please check the TEPCO website for your regional group and the time of the blackouts for each day.
The blackouts are causing transportation services (trains) to change their operation. ATM services may also be disrupted. Please refrain from using the elevators just before and during the blackouts. Also, be aware that there is a possibility of cuts in water supply due to the rolling blackouts depending on the types of accommodation.
・Kanto Train Status Report
・Narita Airport Status Update
Information on earthquakes response measures and living guides in Tokyo area
・Tokyo Metropolitan Government Disaster Prevention Information
・Lectures for Foreign Students on Disaster Control (Japan Study Support-Information
for Foreign Students) (English, Chinese, Korean)
・Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institute Information
Mobile Phones (Disaster Message Board)
Each mobile phone company provides a disaster message board for people to let others know of their safety when there is a large-scale disaster. The messages can be checked from any mobile phones, smartphones, and PCs.
・au by KDDI, Tu-Ka by KDDI ・SoftBank
・NTT Disaster Emergency Message Dial
Dial 171, and follow the instructions to record and play messages.
VISA / Re-entry Permit to Japan
International students temporarily leaving Japan must apply for a Re-entry Permit from the Immigration Bureau near their registered residence. Failure to obtain this permit will result in losing your visa status.
For detailed information with regard to the Re-entry permit, please refer to THE HANDBOOK FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS .

The Ministry of Justice has announced that they will simplify the procedures for the international students who have temporarily left Japan without obtaining their re-entry permit due to the earthquake.  For details, please refer to the Ministry of Justice website↓
Links to other useful information
Shinjuku Ward : Living Information and emergency for foreign residents
Japan Earthquake Manual
( A website set up by the students of the Tokyo University of Foreign Languages after the earthquake. Basic information about earthquake in 17 different languages)


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