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SIED Spring Symposium 2013 hosted by Center for Global Discovery

Symposium "America in Global Asia"

Randolf S. David

Date: Saturday, March 9
Time: 9:45am~5:00pm
Venue: International Conference Hall (Bldg-No.2,17th floor),Yotsuya Campus, Sophia University
Language: English/Japanese

※Admission free, No reservation necessary
※Simultaneous interpretation available

Contact: Center for Global Discovery ( )


9:45 Opening Remarks and Introduction of Keynote Speaker Takefumi Terada
(Dean, Faculty of Foreign Studies)
10:00-11:30 Keynote Address Randolf S. David (Professor Emeritus in Sociology, University of the Philippines)
Asian Modernity and the Remains of American Influence
1:00 Afternoon Session Chair:Mariko Iijima (Associate Professor,Department of English Studies,Sophia University)
Kim Seung-Kuk (Professor Emeritus, Pusan National University)
East Asian Community and a Pacific Asian Identity of USA
Nancy Snow (Professor, California State University,Fullerton)
U.S. Public Diplomacy from Bush to Obama: Implications for the Asian Pacific Region
Yoneyuki Sugita (Associate Professor, Osaka University)
Has Japan Become a ‘Normal’ Country? : US-Japan Security Relations in the Wake of 9.11
Commentator: Kazuto Oshio(Professor, Department of English Studies, Sophia University)
Open Forum
5:00 Closing Remarks Takeshi Kawasaki
(Director, Center for Global Discovery, Sophia University)


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