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Yotsuya Campus Map

Sophia University's Yotsuya Campus is located in the heart of Tokyo, the thriving capital of Japan. Located on the perimeter of the campus are the National Theater, the National Stadium, interenational conventions facilities, and the Akasaka Palace, where visiting royal Families and political leaders are accommodated. The National Diet Library, one of the nation's largest libraries, is also very close. The abundant greenery of the campus creates an atmosphere of peace and serenity which belies its location in the center of a bustling metropolis, and student life is further enhanced by a wealth of facilities for the enjoyment of music, drama, art, and sports.

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1 Bldg.No.1 13 Bldg.No.13
2 Bldg.No.2 14 Hoffmann Hall
3 Bldg.No.3 15 Central Library and Research Institutes
4 Bldg.No.4 16 Krupp Hall
5 Gymnasium / swimming pool 17 Machine Hall
6 Bldg.No.6 18 Power Station 1
7 Bldg.No.7 19 Power Station 2
8 Bldg.No.8 20 Power Station 3
9 Bldg.No.9 21 Jochi Kioizaka Bldg.
10 Bldg.No.10 22 S.J.House
11 Bldg.No.11 23 Kulturheim
12 Bldg.No.12    


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