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◇2017 Autumn Course Details ◇
Course #2401 "Essential grammar for meaningful communication in Japanese" <Basic>
Course #2402  "Establish confidence in Speaking Japanese ! "<Pre-Intermediate>
Course #2403  "Modern Japan in Modern Japanese" <Intermediate>
Course #2404  "Beginners’ Japanese:Learn to communicate in 8 weeks" <Beginners>
Course #2405  "Japanese for Faculty and Staff" <Pre-Intermediate>
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Fees & Payment

Program Fees
The Japanese Language Course only
190,000 Yen
2 credits

The Japanese Language Course + the Japanese Language and Culture
210,000 Yen
4 credits for the Japanese Language Course with the Japanese Language and Culture course

The handling charge: 500 yen to the credit card company should be paid by an applicant.

The method of payment will be announced in the acceptance message.
After you received the acceptance message, pay the program fee to secure your place. Places in programs will be allocated in order of receipt of the fee. The deadline for the payment is one week from the day the acceptance message is sent.
Payment must be made by credit card, PayPal or ChinaPay. The handling charge of 500 yen to the credit card company should be paid by the applicant.
*Note: If you don’t pay the fee by the deadline, you will possibly lose your spot

Refund Policy
A full refund will be paid if the notice of cancellation is submitted prior to:
Summer Session 1: By May 3, 2018.
Summer Session 2: By June 1, 2018

Summer Session 1& Summer Session 2 are applying for the JASSO Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan. This scholarship provides a stipend of 80,000 yen.
If the programs are adopted, we will offer a scholarship (JPY 80,000) to a limited number of students.
Details will be updated on the website as soon as the application result is released.

1)Tuition Wavier/ Exchange Student
Below are tentative information. They will be fully updated at a later date.
Short-term international students accepted under inter-university exchange student agreements will not be charged tuition. But this depends on agreements concerning the mutual exchange of students.Confirm your eligibility before applying online.

You must:
1. Be currently enrolled at a non-Japanese academic institution with which Sophia University has a student exchange agreement.

2. Obtain official exchange student status from your study abroad advisor. (only those students who have been recommended by their home universities are eligible.)

3. Have your study abroad advisor to inform us of your approval as an exchange student by email. The email must be sent to

4.Meet the requirements for the Summer Session participant. See requirements page for details.
*Note : Exchange students’ official transcripts will be sent to their school.

The tuition wavier is not always applicable for your school in the Summer Sessions due to an imbalance in the number of regular exchange students between our institutions.


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