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◇2017 Autumn Course Details ◇
Course #2401 "Essential grammar for meaningful communication in Japanese" <Basic>
Course #2402  "Establish confidence in Speaking Japanese ! "<Pre-Intermediate>
Course #2403  "Modern Japan in Modern Japanese" <Intermediate>
Course #2404  "Beginners’ Japanese:Learn to communicate in 8 weeks" <Beginners>
Course #2405  "Japanese for Faculty and Staff" <Pre-Intermediate>
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Why learn at Sophia University?
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Why learn at Sophia University?

Why learn at Sophia University?

Why learn at Sophia University?

Our courses ideal for:
Adults seeking evening classes;
International students who wish to study Japanese; and,
Anyone who wishes to develop or refresh their Japanese skills in a relaxed atmosphere!

Why learn at Sophia University?

  • We are a pioneer in language education:
  • We are in a great location: Just a minute from JR/ subway Yotsuya station. Our campus is located in the center of Japan; Sophia University's "City Campus".
  • Other services available: You have access to the university facilities such as library ( reading only, no borrowing rights), bookshops (12% discount with registration card), cafeterias etc.

Sophia University-Pioneering International College Education

Sophia University has stood at the forefront of international education in Japan for over half a century.

An early step was taken in 1949 with the founding often International Division, which in 1974 became the Department of Comparative Culture, Japan’s first university-level program taught entirely in English and accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Widely known for its broad and rigorous curriculum, in 2003 the Faculty of Comparative Culture received a prestigious “Good Practice” award from the Ministry of Education and Science for pioneering modes of education suited to an increasingly global society.


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