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Living Expenses/Statistics/Housing Arrangement Policies

Approximate Living Expenses for Exchange Students

Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Exchange students are expected to prepare sufficient funds (approx. 150,000 JPY per month) as the living expenses. The chart below gives the approximate costs depending on the housing types and other anticipated expenses.

Approximate housing fee

Type of housing 1 Semester
(4 months)
1 Year
(10 months)
(only for men)
468,600 JPY Undergraduates:
989,000-1,072,700 JPY
*The fee differs according to the building facilities
Graduates: 1,062,100 JPY
Two meals, utilities & internet included
Kasai International House
(for women)
277,820 JPY 641,690 JPY Internet included
Sophia Soshigaya International House 180,000 JPY 480,000 JPY  
Azalea House 300,000 JPY 630,000 JPY Internet included
DK House Warabi 278,800 JPY 635,800 JPY Utilities(excluding a charge of electric usage) & internet included
DK House Tokyo Nerima 278,800 JPY 635,800 JPY Utilities(excluding a charge of electric usage) & internet included

*The above figures are approximate estimates. For details please refer to the housing information for each options.
**Fee for the arrival month is charged additionally.

Other anticipated living expenses

Item Amount Remarks
Meals 30,000-60,000 JPY /month  
Textbooks 30,000-50,000 JPY /semester  
Commuter Pass 5,000-10,000 JPY /month  
Personal expenses 20,000- JPY /month depends on lifestyle
Japanese National Health Insurance 600-1,500 JPY /month depends on resident areas
Personal Accident Insurance 800 JPY /year Mandatory

Statistics of Exchange Student Housing - Spring, 2013

Type of Housing Number
Sophia Soshigaya International House 61
Wakeijuku 7
DK House Warabi 14
DK House Tokyo Nerima 9
Azalea House 10
Kasai International House 10
Others (Self-Arrangement, etc.) 74
Total Number of Students 185

Housing Arrangement Procedures and Policies     

Housing Arrangement Procedures

1. Exchange students should submit a completed housing application with other application documents. Housing arrangements will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

2. The International Liaison Office will make arrangements for the housing, and a "Housing Notice" with the details of the housing will be sent to each student along with the Acceptance Package.

3. Exchange students are requested to complete the necessary payment by the deadline, which is usually at least one month before the arrival in Japan.

4. Exchange students who make the housing arrangement through Sophia should arrive on the designated arrival dates.
Policy for Sophia Housing Arrangement

1. The International Liaison Office will arrange the housing based on the student's preference, availability of the rooms, and information provided from the student.

2. It is not possible to cancel or change the housing after the "Housing Notice" has been sent.

3. Exchange students are expected to make all necessary payments by the deadline. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the housing arrangement, and charging of a penalty fee.

4. The International Liaison Office will make arrangements only before the students' arrival in Japan. In principle it is not possible to re-arrange the housing after arrival.

5. Students are NOT allowed to move from housing arranged by Sophia without previous notice to the International Liaison Office. They are requested to follow the directions from the office, but finding alternative accommodation is their own responsibility.


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