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Jesuit Educational Institutions for Tertiary Education in the World

Jesuit Educational Institutions for Tertiary Education in the World

The number of Jesuit colleges and universities in the world has now reached 114, including 31 in India and 28 in the United States. Many of these universities have traditions dating back many years; quite a few Jesuit universities have agreements with Sophia University that facilitate the exchanges of students. Among the important Jesuit universities in the United States, Georgetown University (founded in 1789), Fordham University (founded in 1841) and Boston College (founded in 1863) are well-known universities. Other Jesuit universities in the United States that exchange students with Sophia University include Creighton University, Gonzaga University, College of the Holy Cross, John Carroll University, University of San Francisco, Santa Clara University, Seattle University, and St. Joseph's University.

In Europe, the Gregorian University (Rome, Italy; founded 1551) is the most famous Jesuit university. Sophia University has exchange agreements with the Catholic University of Cordoba (Argentina; founded 1956) in Latin America, and with several Jesuit universities in East Asia. These include the Ateneo de Manila University (the Philippines; founded 1859) and Sogang University (Korea; founded 1960).
In Japan, Sophia University and Elizabeth University of Music in Hiroshima are Jesuit universities, while Sophia Junior College in Hadano city, Kanagawa prefecture, is administered under the auspices of Jochi Gakuin.


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