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Message from The Chancellor
Message from The President
Educational Ideals
Jesuit Tradition
School Insignia and the School Name
Sophia University School Song
Jesuit Educational Institutions for Tertiary Education in the World
History of Sophia University
Arrival of St. Francis Xavier~1967
Learning about SOPHIA on the Web
Spirit of Sophia
The Society of Jesus and the Founding of Sophia University
Three Jesuit priests arrive at the port of Yokohama
Ignatius and the Jesuit religious order
The Spiritual Exercises as the spiritual foundation of the Jesuits
The Comrades of Ignatius and the Founding of the Jesuits
The Jesuits after the Death of Ignatius
The Suppression of the Society of Jesus because of its Resistance to Political Absolutism
The Society of Jesus and the Education of Women
The Development of Sophia University after World War II
Growth by Adding a Faculty of Science and Technology to the already existing Faculties
Sophia’s Special Characteristics
Sophia Factbook
Statistics 2017 - Sophia at a Glance
Annual Operating Plans
Financial Report
Organization Chart
Sophia University Visual Identity
Long-Range Planning
Grand Layout 2.0 (2014-2023)
On the Occasion of the Announcement of the "Grand Layout"
"Grand Layout"for Renewal of Education, Research, and the Campus Facilities (the Board of Trustees' Draft Plan)
Campus photos
Campus photos (ceremonies and events)
Open Campus 2015 - Part 1
Open Campus 2015 - Part 2
Sophia University “Yukata” Day 2015
Entrance Ceremony 2015 - Part 1
Entrance Ceremony 2015 - Part 2
Graduation Ceremony 2014- Part 1
Graduation Ceremony 2014- Part 2
Sogang-Sophia Festival of Exchange (SOFEX) 2014 held in Seoul
Nursing commitment ceremony
Graduation Ceremony in Sept. 2014 and Entrance Ceremony in Sept. 2014
Campus photos(campus scenes)
Sophia’s Yotsuya Campus - Spring and summer (Photos: Keigado)
Sophia’s Yotsuya Campus - Autumn and winter (Photos: Keigado)
Campus in spring
Campus in summer
Campus in autumn
Campus in winter
Campus during Christmas Season
Mejiro Seibo Campus 1
Mejiro Seibo Campus 2
Monumenta Nipponica
SOPHIA magazine - the Magazine for Overseas Readers
Sophia University Press
English titles
About SUP
Order Information
Aiming for a campus without harassment
Definition of Harassment
How to prevent harassment
What to do if you are harassed
The steps to be taken for resolving harassment cases
What to do if your advice is sought
What to do if you witness a scene of harassment
Guidelines for Preventing Harassment
Basic Policy concerning Harassment
Definition of Harassment
Activities to increase awareness of harassment and its prevention
The scope of the application of the Guidelines
The process to reach a solution
Points to be noted about harassment
Regulations, committees and the rules on harassment
Sophia School Corporation Regulations Concerning Prevention of Harassment
Detailed Regulations of the Harassment Prevention Committee
Detailed Regulations of Harassment Consultants
Detailed Regulations on Harassment Consulting and Investigation Procedures
For Press
News Media Policies and Shooting at Sophia University
Official Sophia Social Media Accounts

Learning about SOPHIA on the Web

Our intentions in presenting “Learning about SOPHIA on the Web”

In 1981, for the first time in history, a Pope came from Rome to visit Japan. Pope John Paul II delivered a speech in Hiroshima. His Appeal for Peace was directed at the whole world. The Pope explained that looking back on the past is part of our responsibility toward the future. These words of the Pope’s appeal for peace surely apply also to our present-day educational legal person Jochi Gakuin. The Pope’s valuable message has told us as well to take responsibility for our future by reviewing our past in detail.

In 2013, Jochi Gakuin celebrated the one-hundredth anniversary of the founding of Sophia University, the fortieth anniversary of the founding of Sophia Junior College, and the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Sophia School of Social Welfare. Based on our traditional spirit of always seeking for the magis, for what is better than we now have, under the various changing circumstances of the world, and based also on the generous support of many persons all over the world. Jochi Gakuin has managed to overcome many difficulties.

We have collected many events from the histories of our three educational institutions. We will present some of these events in episodes on the WEB site that we are opening for public access. Publication of these episodes will strengthen the foundations for our future development during this new century. In this way, we hope to live up to our responsibilities to Japanese society and to our well-wishers throughout the world.

Origins of the School Name; the School Emblem and School Flag; the School Colors and School Song(347KB)
The 1932 Yasukuni Shrine Incident(285KB)
Women Students at Sophia(189KB)
The Sophia University TV Center(233KB)
Xavier and Sophia University(151KB)
Two Mountain Lodges(179KB)
All Sophians’ Festival(218KB)
Hermann Hoffmann, the First President(218KB)
Cherry Trees Planted by Sophia University Students(304KB)
Student Cafeteria(186KB)
Faculty of Science andTechnology(253KB)
Jochi Catholic Settlement(698KB)
Dramas and Foreign-Language Dramas(303KB)
Continuing Education in Sophia School of Social Welfare(326KB)
Sophia Junior College Alumnae Association(149KB)
Support for the Disabled Students(228KB)
Boschtown dormitory(180KB)
Summer Session(265KB)
Sophia-Nanzan Sports Festival(186KB)
PET (Philippines Experience Tour)(209KB)
The Service Learning Center(203KB)
The Visit of Pope John Paul II to Sophia(151KB)
Saint Aloysius Student Residence(261KB)
Festival of Xavier(184KB)
Commemoration of the Founders of Sophia(198KB)
Sophia Junior Festival(396KB)
The Locations of the Sophia School of Social Welfare(255KB)
The battleship Missouri and Sophia University(247KB)
Serious disputes arose among students at our educational institution(269KB)
Background of the Founding of Sophia University's Faculty of Law (229KB)
Orientation Camps (230KB)
Special Characteristics of the Curriculum of the Sophia School of Social Welfare(302KB)
Overview of English Education at Sophia Junior College (341KB)
The Brick-by-Brick Fund-Raising Campaign for Building Number 1(421KB)
Mother Teresa (PDF 211KB)
Raising Money for Refugees from Indochina (238KB)  
Peter Heidrich, SJ, the Founder (217KB)
The Four Seasons at the Hadano Campus (400KB)
In Spite of the Defeat of Japan, the Sprit of Sophia Could Prosper (274KB)
The Launching of a Small Residence Hall of Learning (314KB)
Conceived a Long Time Ago (240KB)


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